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Watch Your Driving Speed- M2M To Help Traffic Police

Posted on December 1, 2016 in Dolphin M2M by

Traffic Control is another area which gets benefitted with m2m applications. When these devices are installed in traffic high areas, the sensors detect the sound and speed of the vehicles and send this information to software which controls the traffic. With the help of the data obtained, the software controls the traffic by increasing or decreasing the traffic flow. The traffic police could make utilise of it in charging the people who drive beyond the limit. These devices can help us in avoiding the unnecessary accidents due to over speed. So beware! SIM Provider – These devices can put you in trouble. Watch your speed while you drive.

Create Custom Website For Your Business With WordPress

Posted on November 10, 2015 in Wordpress by

Have you ever imagined that you can build your own website in just 4 steps? Yes, now this is possible using WordPress – All you need to do is to sign up at WordPress, select a design from various options, customize it with fonts and colour options, create your domain name, add keywords based on suggestions. WordPress would show a set of plans and list their benefits. Users can select the plan and the website is ready.

SAHM Businesses Learning How To Create A Website Using WordPress

Posted on October 26, 2015 in Wordpress by

How to create a website using wordpress from scratch? Stay-at-home-moms are looking for business opportunities online. Starting a service or providing information is the easiest way to accomplish this. Making a blog or website is imperative.How to create a website using WordPress when you don’t know HTML? Try Googling it and seeing what tutorials work for your business needs.

Kingston v300 120GB Review

Posted on May 1, 2015 in Tech by

kingston-v300Looking for a replacement of your systems old hard drive? The Kingston v300 120 GB is all you need to give life to your system with dramatic speeds and responsiveness.

This SSD enhances the loading and the booting speeds of the systems as they are equipped with advanced technology features. The design uses solid state components to improve on its strength and durability. The SSD has no moving parts; it is shock proof and withstands bumps and drops.

The 120GB of free space allows you to store your files conveniently with options of upgrading to higher capacities if need arises. The v300 is an affordable and economical option for system upgrades.

Convenience is enhanced by the easy installation as all-in-one kits with all the components are available. Ultimate quality and reliability are ensured as the SSD features an LSI sand force controller for Kingston and is also optimized for the next generation flash memory.

A silent and cool running enhances the functionality as it is less disruptive.

Kingston V300 120 GB SSD is a perfect system upgrade option.

The best compound bow of 2015 – My pick of four.

Posted on March 31, 2015 in Fun by

How to decide on what is the best of any product? By trying of course! Where can I get all the choices in one place? Go to a show of the product where you will most likely find all the manufacturers showcase their best products to try out.

So here is a review of the best compound bow of 2015 from a person who spent a good few days trying out every single compound bow at the Archery Trade Association show.  Compound bows like everything else are a personal choice and the choice varies from person to person. But, this list kind of gives us a general idea of what the best compound bow of 2015 is.

1. Xpedition Archery Perfexion:  Fairly new to the market, Xpedition has been doing quite well . This bow is super smooth with less vibration and very balanced.

2. Elite Archery Energy 35: Elite bows are very smooth and they are great shooters. So naturally they have made it to the top three. Again, it is another bow with great balance and very little or no vibration which makes it a great product.

3. Bear Archery Arena 34: Though bear is a standard name in the industry, some people are not big fans of this brand. But this particular bow nice and smooth with very little vibration.

4. Hoyt Archery Nitrum Turbo : This particular bow is a combination of smooth shooting and great speed.

Interesting facts about the 100yr old law firm and their solicitors inBirmingham

Posted on March 24, 2015 in Law by

‘Tommy’ Tomkinson and Edward Evershed were two of the founders who began the journey for Eversheds, a 100 year old solicitors firm that spread around the world with 52 offices in 30 countries. Set up in 1914, the firm is going through its centenary celebrations. If that is not an extraordinary feat by itself, Tommy, one of the founders, had been part of the Western front in World War I, where he fought for three years and ended the war in Italy. He was eventually awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO). He was also awarded a Bar to his DSO in further battles.

Once he returned to the firm, he began to article under Richard Pinsent.While Tomkins, 30 was away at the war, Edward, much older at 47 continued running the firm.Eventually his son joined the firm and became a partner. Post WWI, the firm grew steadily in the1920’s and 1930’s.

Descendants of Tomkins and Evershed eventually joined the firm to carry forward the lineage of thelaw firm along with other trained and qualified staff. Thus the firm flourished and over the years touched a professional income of 500 million pounds by 100 years . Today Eversheds LLP is as a pioneer providing wide range of work, big cases and deals, having a massive network. It stands tall as the largest national law firm. Their website is

Birmingham Taxis to Take You Around the Country

Posted on February 20, 2015 in Car Hire by


When you are in UK and in Birmingham, you ought to hire the services of the Birmingham taxis to take you all over the city in the most comfortable manner. The best way to book the Birmingham taxis is to visit online and make a booking before you intend to hire the services of the taxi on a date.

The best thing about the Birmingham taxis is that the fleet of the cars is all well maintained and the drivers that accompany the Birmingham taxis are also pleasant in their personalities. They are well aware of the traffic rules and regulations that are implemented on the road and also the map of the city so that your travel around the city is completely hassle free.

The customer service of the Birmingham taxis is also excellent with 24 hours and 7 days of service for you as a passenger. In case of any issues with the travel or the car, you can always get back to them and they will take immediate action. The drivers accompanying the Birmingham taxis have a clean background and thus your primary concern about being safe while traveling is maintained to the tee by the management of the Birmingham taxis.

Coventry and the Taxi Service Market

Posted on January 1, 2015 in Car Hire by


When you have the services of the Coventry taxis, you are at the best advantage point while traveling since your travel will be completely hassle free. Actually, it is also true that for most people, it is better to spend some money and reach a destination in time rather than be late in reaching the place. This is especially true for the businessmen since being a little late in reaching your destination can lead to a loss in huge sum of money for your business contract. Now who would want to lose out on thousands of pounds when all you can do is avail the services of Coventry taxis and reach your destination in time?

The best thing about these taxis is that there are no hidden charges and the taxi rates are the most affordable ones for your pocket too. You can hire the Coventry taxis online and pre book your taxi so that there is no tension at the last moment regarding availing of the taxi service. The prices are fixed and reasonable, the seats are comfortable and the drivers are licensed and secured. Thus you can enjoy a luxurious taxi ride in a safe environment without worrying while traveling to your intended destination.

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